Friday, November 1, 2019

Company on green event planning in UAE Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Company on green event planning in UAE - Thesis Example This approach helps the businesses in achieving their long terms goals and objectives by benefiting people and protecting environment. The paper will highlight the sustainable development project of Eco Event Planner Company in UAE. The company deals in planning different events in eco friendly ways. Organizing green events has become a new trend in present time. People are very much concerned about environmental pollution and damages. For this reason the green event planning companies are developing a lot. According to the authors, Cherian & Jacob, the awareness of various environmental problems is increasing day by day. People have become very much concerned about different environmental issue for protecting the environment from damages. For this reason the tastes and preferences of the customers have changed a lot. They are focusing more on eco friendly products and services. A positive attitude has been observed among the customers regarding green lifestyle. People are seriously trying to reduce negative impacts on environment which are caused by their different activities and functions. The author stated that companies need to consider these issues for holding its position in competitive market. For this reason company of UAE requires to develop eco friendly business process for benefiting the society and attracting maximum number of customers (Cherian & Jacob, 2012). By following the views of authors Moise and Macovei, for organizing, designing, planning and promoting any event a company requires thinking about the impact on the event on people and on the environment. Ecological balance should be taken into consideration for organizing an event. This helps the company in developing an event which will not cause any damage to the environment. By organizing green events the companies can show off their concerns towards the benefits of society. In UAE many companies are developing which cause many negative impacts

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