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Benjamen Harrison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Benjamen Harrison - Essay Example In 1748, he married his cousin Elizabeth Bassett, a niece of George Washington's wife Martha. He had many children eight of whom survived infancy. After a while, he was successful in expanding his plantations to include eight more and also in shipping and ship building. He was elected to the House of Burgesses in 1764. As was the tradition, he sat in the House of Burgesses frequently as a speaker from 1749 till 1774 when the Royal Governor dissolved the organization. His involvement in politics started from there. In time, he became aware of the strained relationships between the Great Britain and the U.S.A and was in support of independence from Britain. Benjamin Rush once remarked that Benjamin Harrison "had strong state prejudices and was hostile to the leading men from the New England states." Hence, became a renowned leader during the American Revolution which started in 1775 and ended in 1783. Harrison was greatly against the Stamp Act and thus, assisted in composing the Colony's objection. When the House disregarded the Royal Governor and approved the Stamp Act Resolution, the Royal Governor attempted to bribe Harrison with a promise of a seat to the executive council when he saw the amount of influence Harrison had as a political leader. However, Harrison rejected the proposition instead declaring loyalty to the principles of the republic and people's rights even at his young age of 38. Also, he contradicted the resolutions of Patrick Henry by suggesting civil waywardness as a response. Moreover, in 1772 he supported the statement that the import of slaves should be restricted and taxed in great amounts. Presumably his choice to be with the colonists came from his experience on the Property and Grievances Committee and the Trade Committee. He got elected as the First Continental Congress in 1774 and was one of those who were obliged to attend General Washington in Cambridge to help make plans for the future of the American Army the next year. He chose to represent his state from then on in every session whenever he was a member of the Congress. During the war, he heeded affairs at home in the position attending as a lieutenant in his county's armed force and was also a chief magistrate as well. As the falling-out with the British Crown increased, Harrison was compelled to object and cast his group with the patriots. Between 1773 and 1776, he took part in carrying out the responsibilities of the Revolutionary conventions, the committee of correspondence, and the provincial congresses. He controlled the discussions on the Articles of Association and signed them on 20th October, 1774. He made effective contributions on the foreign affairs, groups of military, finance and marine. As the Chairman of the Whole from March 1776 to August, Benjamin Harrison was vastly respected in Congress; he led the negotiations till the approval of the Declaration and early arguments on the planned Articles of Confederation. When in Congress, Benjamin Harrison sought financial and added assistance from other countries being a member of the Secret Correspondence Committee. On the significant day of 7th June, 1776, Harrison was selected to introduce his fellow Virginian Richard Henry Lee; his resolutions called for independence from England. He was also

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