Wednesday, August 28, 2019

I give you the information and you give me the topic Research Paper

I give you the information and you give me the topic - Research Paper Example Personally, as a student, it affects me because the decision I have already made regarding my degree major is irreversible. For this reason, understanding the skills and requirements, or the chance of securing a job in the labor market is imperative. F. The topic regarding the employability and the importance of various degree majors draws heated debate amongst individuals. Different groups have diverse perspectives regarding the topic based on their evaluation of the reality. G. Although the supporters of the skill-specific argue that the modern labor market is dynamic and requires an individual who has adequate skills in technical courses. Regardless of that, there is sufficient evidence that skills learned in the liberal arts arm the student in facing the real world. H. Audience: with the current debate, students joining colleges are confused about the degree course to pursue. Alternatively, this reason, it is the obligation of the career counseling officers in the school to ensure that new students have adequate knowledge on the impact of various degree courses on their future lives. A. Include a brief introduction to the two discipline categories: changes in the work environment, job made obsolete, job outsourcing, modern job requirements, and impact of social networks on employment. Skill-specific majors (engineering) have the highest wage and an average employment potential while liberal arts (Education) have the highest employability ratio and an average salary (Carnevale, Cheah, and Strohl 8; (Thomas 13) Rampell, Catherine. "Outlook Is Bleak Even for Recent College Graduates -" The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. The New York Times,  2011. Web. 8  Feb.  2015.

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