Sunday, August 11, 2019

No title Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

No title - Assignment Example The dive sites include the internal fresh marine forms and the slighter ocean parts. Other diving sites can be in the canals, lakes, quarries, rivers, dams and springs. Most parts of the world have all this sites and it is an ideal global market that EnerGlide Technology Corp should enter. There is a diving site in Blue Heron Bridge, in USA, Florida at the Riviera Beach. This is a potential marketplace for the company to major into. The corporation should think of investing its watercraft to this place. Another diving site where there is a potential market is in Hawaii, USA at the Kona Mantas. It is recommended for the divers to visit this area to explore the nature wonders here. They will kneel on the bottom off that is shallow at the Keahole point, and then attract the plankton by using their dive lights. It is a beautiful habitation that tourists like to holiday. The tourists visiting the place would prefer to use watercrafts that are quite. It is indeed a great opportunity for a market for products of EnerGlide Technology Corp. Another diving potential market area for the corporation is Must-Dive destination in the Caradonna. There is also a diving site in Vandenberg in the USA and many other places in Europe and Africa and the entire world. There are many diving sites along the world, and this makes diving an ideal place for watercrafts’ market. Another global market area is reef tourism. Reef tourism is an area that most tourists like to visit and enjoy an attractive scenery of reefs. Oculis, the initial product of the corporation is an equipped personal electric watercraft that has an innovative underwater module of viewing for the reef tourism. It enables tourist without any disturbance to observe marine life. Global markets are all over the world and a good example is the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef stretching across the coastline of Queensland is a tourist attraction site that the Oculis will be needed.

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