Sunday, August 25, 2019

Memo format Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Memo format - Essay Example The author and purpose of the video The author of this video is one Dr. Clarke John from New York. In 2009, this video won in the video PSA contest, defeating over 200 other videos. Video PSA contest was mainly concerned with the prevention of flu, and strategies that can be employed to prevent spread of flu. The purpose of this video is therefore, to enlighten people about the H1N1 virus, how it spreads, and the preventive measures that one can take to avoid infection. The audience This video does not target a specific audience, instead; it is intended for the whole public. Since the H1N1 virus affected the whole of USA, the public must be enlightened on the preventive strategies they can adopt to avoid future occurrence of the condition in the USA. Therefore, all Americans, children and adults, men and women, professionals, among others are therefore, audience of this video, since all are capable of catching H1N1 virus. What the author values, and what he appears to assume about th e audience’s values The author of this video chose to spread the word about H1N1 virus through lyrics. Specifically, he uses the music genre of rap to deliver his message. As his primary choice of message delivery, this means that the author values music, specifically rap music. The author intended this message for an audience. This therefore, shows that the author assumes that the audience too value rap music. Since this is the best way he thought his message could reach the audience, it seems he assumes that Americans love rap music, therefore, will easily receive the message. How the author establishes credibility and character The author establishes credibility and character in his video mainly through the manner he presents himself, and the ideas in his message. For instance, he dresses decently in his white lab coat. Dressing this way is decent, and brings him out as a professional in the medical field. Therefore, the audience will value the message he delivers, as they will view it as credible. Although it is a rap video, this contrasts with the mainstream rap videos in the popular culture, as in this video, the author upholds professionalism, as seen in his decent attire. Professionalism is also evident in his presentation of facts, which enhances credibility and character. He uses formal and decent language while rapping. Most rap videos use informal and sometimes indecent language. Therefore, this makes the video and message therein credible, and brings out the character of the author in a positive manner. Additionally, the end of the video was shot in the author’s office. This is a different setting, as the rest of the video part was shot at a strategic point in the streets of New York. An office environment increases the seriousness of the message and incorporates an element of professionalism in the rap clip. Credibility of the message in the video is also increased when the author lets the audience know the main source of his messag e in the video. It turns out that he got his message from a trusted government website on flu. It is more likely that the audience will trust the message and do as it says, since the information is credible, and from an individual with a credible character. How the author appeals to the audience In order to appeal to the audience, the author uses an element

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