Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Trends in marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Trends in marketing - Essay Example This is specifically true for organizations striving to obtain a competitive advantage. This literature review analyzes existing literature that emphasizes on a retailer’s growth and usage of social media as an elaborating of their marketing strategy. This incident has only emerged within the past ten years, therefore social media study has hugely emphasized on elaborating what it is through the details of new terminology and ideas that combines its basis, and discovering the influence of an organization’s incorporation of social media on the behaviors of consumers as well as critically evaluating its features that poses ethical dilemmas to the society. This research initiates with a detailed expression of terminology that elaborates social media marketing which will be followed by a discussion of the some major themes discovered within existing research studies. Even though, the topic of social media marketing has been discusses and researched quite a lot with numerous perspectives, it has only been researches through theoretical and experimental studies, researches never concisely elaborate the advantages retailers obtain from this marketing trend (Barker and Barker et al., 2012). In reviewing the affluent excess of multi disciplinary literature, the study has become precise that researches are emphasizing on elaborating what social media marketing is as well as evaluating what aspects influence consumer behavior associated to social networking. In spite of the beginning progress created by researchers, growth in this field of study has been restricted. Research requires elaborating by offering a profound understanding of the str ategic promotional advantages retailers get from social media marketing. Further structured researches are also required to develop beyond predicted or theorized results in order to obtain insight of practical life applications and uses. This literature review touches over the disparities

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