Thursday, August 8, 2019

Love vs. Lust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Love vs. Lust - Essay Example It takes the relationship to the next level and is provides relief to the soul. When a person is in love with someone he or she wants to share their feelings, thoughts and secrets with the other person; thus bringing them closer to one another. Love is a sort of commitment one has with another person, and it provides assurance that the people in love will support each other at all times and will face all conflicts together, instead of just giving up. (What is Love 2012) Love is something which cannot be bought or sold, and is totally independent. You cannot force a person to love you; neither can you force yourself to love another person. Love is spontaneous. It just happens, and we have no control over it. One cannot just stop loving a person, because once he or she is in love, it becomes almost impossible to let go. A person in love is ready to take risks for his or her loved one, and this is one of the finest qualities of love. A mother would risk everything for her child, because she loves her child. When a child is born, a mother lets go of all her enjoyment and other worldly things, in order to tend to her child and take care of the child. Love cannot be used as a bait to lure someone, nor can it be given as a reward. (Love Without Limits, 2012) When there is love between two people, there is a sense of security between them. They know that the other person will protect them and tend to their every need. They are even ready to make all sorts of sacrifices for each other. It is a complete sense of devotion to a person or persons, no matter what comes in their way. Besides, love cannot be measured neither can you measure the time period for which two people love each other. It can be months, years or you can spend your entire life loving someone. It can start or end in a flick. The decision to love someone doesn’t depend on your desires or hormones. (Love vs Lust 2012) Lust, on the other hand, is a short lived feeling of intense sexual desire for som eone. It is completely different from love. Like, a mother loves her child, while a person, on seeing someone attractive, can develop a feeling of lust towards him or her. It is basically being concerned that what the other person can provide us with and fulfills our desires. It is an intense feeling of pleasure and craving for self-satisfaction, which mostly means sexual intercourse. The concentration is mostly on fulfilling one’s desires. It can either be done by giving money or happens when a person sees someone he or she finds attractive. It is generally a feeling of arousal one senses when he or she spot someone appealing. So lust depends on looks and body of a person. One night stands, are also a sign of lust, in which two people engage in sexual intercourse, and leave in the morning without making plans of seeing each other again or having any sort of deep conversation. No real feelings are discussed and it is purely a physically intimate moment. (Lust vs Love: Do You Know the Difference?, 2012) Lust is also regarded as sort of a dangerous feeling, because it is very intense and a person wants to physically bond with the person he or she is attracted to. Lust can hinder with your thinking capability. It does not let one think straight or logically, because strong emotions one is feeling for another person to bond physically. It activates one’s sexual hormones, and the only thing he or she wants to do is to satisfy their sexual needs. This can be very

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