Friday, August 23, 2019

Poetry Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Poetry Analysis - Essay Example ‘Your absence distributed itself†¦ When I sat down in the armchair The silent memories of the departed soul have made a strong impression on the poet who was pregnant at that time. She has expertly used the imagery in the text to capture the soul stirring emotional gap that is evident in the place and time that was once inhabited by him. ‘Friends and relatives kept coming, trying to fill up the house†¦ the green hanger swang empty/ and the head of the table/ demanded a plate’. People and acquaintances come voluntarily to visit the place and pay homage to a person who is so patently loved and who is present despite his physical absence. The poet’s use of the figurative speech, has correctly reflected the acute sense of loss one and all. Another very important feature of the poet’s text is that she has beautifully associated the death with the beginning of life that is growing inside her body. According to her, the inevitability of the death and inconsolable loss has brought for the ultimate truth of the universe. Death is final and one is totally helpless in front of it. The poet has compared this feeling of helplessness to that of the child who is still growing inside the womb of the mother and is totally dependent on her for his survival. Indeed the allegory of death and life is the philosophical reminder that it is a cycle that must be encountered by all. ‘I lay down in the cool waters/ of my own womb/ and became the child/ inside, innocuous/ as a button, helplessly growing’. The stark realities of the life are beyond our control and the poet has succeeded in expressing this ideological philosophy through the simple words by ending the poem with ‘I slept because it was the only/ thing I could do. I even dreamed/ I couldnt stop myself’. ‘Those Winter Days’ by Robert Hayden, is a poem that shows that death has a strange way of acknowledging love that

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