Tuesday, September 24, 2019

3.2 The Internal Environment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

3.2 The Internal Environment - Research Paper Example At present, Health Ascension is identified to follow an innovative organizational structure. The implementation of this structure facilitates the authorities of the healthcare organization to make decisions in a centralized manner. The corporate structure of the organization is clearly conveyed to every employee associated with the same. The organization has developed a new structure for managing operations in accordance with its business objectives as well as mission. In this context, the corporate structure is recognized to be consistent with the organizational objectives, policies and strategies among others (1Ascension Health, 2015). The changes in the organizational structure within Health Ascension as compared to BJC Healthcare has been quite different, as Health Ascension is focused on providing special attention to the patients based on the transformations observed in the healthcare system within the US (1Ascension Health, 2015; BJC Healthcare, 2015). Ascension Health is recognized to get developed based on a well-defined culture consisting of shared expectations, values and beliefs. The organization has developed a culture based on the principle of ‘Living the Mission and Values Awards.’ By following this principle, it can be found that the individuals associated with the aforesaid healthcare organization get support as well as become motivated for performing their respective operations in accordance with the organizational mission and values. The organizational culture of this healthcare firm is also recognized to be in alignment with ethics and workplace spirituality with the development in culture based on the legal healthcare provisions in the US (2Ascension Health, 2015). 1. Marketing. Ascension Health does not make any marketing initiative for its promotion. It must be mentioned in this context that the healthcare organization is involved in implementing sponsorship strategies in terms of clarity as well as responsibility to develop itself

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