Thursday, September 26, 2019

This is an individual assignment in two parts (1 and 2). Part 1 - 1

This is an individual in two parts (1 and 2). Part 1 focuses on a critical review of a published academic article on - Assignment Example There are many ways on how students can effectively evaluate the validity and credibility of each article published online. Aside from examining the rationale behind the needs to conduct a research study, it is necessary to critically analyze the main argument presented in the paper and originality of the research study (Colorado State University 2011). In line with this, whether or not the author has a bias conclusion can be noted by considering not only the personal background and credibility of the author but also the research evidences presented in the appendixes. With regards to the validity of the information gathered in the research study, it is best to check the date of each article, books, or website listed in the bibliography or reference page. Likewise, students should take note that reading materials gathered more than 10 years ago is often considered out-dated not unless the author is pertaining to information that happened in the past. Other than critically analyzing th e valid literature, charts and graphs that strongly supports the argument presented in the study, the credibility of the author in terms of his/her expertise in the field of study should also be considered (Colorado State University 2011). About the Author Wei Song is currently working as assistant professor at the School of Business Economics at Thompson Rivers University in Canada. Her educational background includes: PhD in Management at the University of Edinburgh in UK, MSc in Management Science by Research at the University of Edinburgh in UK, MBA at Frostburg State University in US, and BA at East China Normal University in Shanghai China (Thompson Rivers University 2011). As an assistant professor, she is teaching MBA courses related to strategic management, financial management, marketing management, strategic marketing, advanced marketing management, directed research project, project management, organizational behaviour, international business and research design among ot her subjects offered in BBA courses (Colorado State University 2011). Aside from having written a long-list of publications, she is also affiliated with the International Journal of Management and Business as editorial board and honorary advisory board member, the American Collegiate Retailing Association (ACRA), International Academy of Management and Business, and Journal of Academy of Business and Economics as a member of review board (ibid). This increases the author’s credibility in writing the article being examined in this paper. Critic on Published Article Title and Publication Date of the Article There is no problem with regards to the publication date of the article being examined. Since the article will be published on February 2011, this article is up-to-date. With regards to the article’s title, it is aligned with the research topic and purpose of the study. Thus, it gives a clear direction about what the readers would expect in the study. Abstract The abs tract is clear and specific in terms of discussing the purpose of the study, the research method, the sample population and the site where the primary research was conducted. The abstract also provided the readers with a clear overview with regards to the significance of the research findings to future research studies. Since the research abstract was written in 175 words, this section did not discuss the research findings and conclusion. The abstract also failed to mention the implications, limitations and future direction of the

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