Monday, September 9, 2019

Allegory 3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Allegory 3 - Assignment Example She only took their old clothes and things from their old life before they got rich. The truck driver was unrepentant. He continued his vices which consumed all his money. Soon, he woke up homeless and carless because his debts resulted to him losing everything. When he went to his old village, he found his wife living with another man, a truck driver who loved her and her children, a man who came home not smelling like alcohol and with red eyes from drug abuse, but one with a smile and long hugs for everyone. That night, the truck driver jumped from the bridge to embrace death that ended all his pain. One day, there was a good eldest son. His family was poor. He had ten siblings. He worked since the day he could walk, selling food and anything else he could at the market. His mother also cooked food and sold them at the market. He had no father. His father left them after his eleventh sibling was born. The good son was also intelligent. He was a straight A student. Because of his intelligence and hard work, he finished college. However, his youngest brother got sick. He needed a heart transplant. The waiting list was long for heart donors. The good son thought about his brother. He was also very intelligent and kind. He wanted to be a doctor. The good son told his brother’s doctor that he would donate his heart to his brother. The doctor was alarmed and said it could not happen, unless he died. The next day, the good son died of aneurism. His brother got his heart and lived. He became a doctor and saved many lives. It was 2666. The state was ruled by robots. Some of the leader robots wanted to kill all humans because they were weaker and less intelligent than they are. Others wanted to preserve them in zoos because they were the last of their kind. Other robots thought that humans still had a purpose. They could be slaves and do different jobs for them. The humans

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