Friday, September 27, 2019

Violence and Victimization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Violence and Victimization - Essay Example The frequency of occurrence of such instances is dependent on various factors. Such factors form the basis for the argument that proposes social causes to violent behavior. It may be argued that people whose parents demonstrated violent behavior are more likely to be violent as compared to those whose parents were more peaceful (Besemer, 2014). That may lead to a linkage of such behavior to biological traits. However, a closer study may reveal other factors that result in such connection between the parents and their offspring. Human beings are social beings, and therefore tend to learn and adapt to different environments. Socialization thus brings out different traits in them. One can, therefore, draw conclusions as to the correlation between violent behavior and social structures (Laland and Brown, 2011). For instance, for those cases where the violent acts of someone have led to a linkage to the violent acts of the parents, it may be possible to establish social causes to such a link. It may be that the person may have experienced violence in their childhood, which affects their actions causing them to be violent. Studies indicate that children from abusive families tend to be more abusive as they grow (Besemer, 2014). Also, those exposed to violence in their childhood end up with violent tendencies in their later years. That is because they develop a form of retaliation to adversity and based on their past, this turns out to be violence. Another important social factor to violent behavior is the relationship a mother has with her child. Where there exists a poor mother-child relationship, chances are that the child may develop violent tendencies in future (Besemer, 2014). That may be because the child may experience frequent punishment from the mother as a result of the anxious attachment between them. Apart from such maternal punitiveness and paternal inattentiveness, other social factors among peers also

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