Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ethics in Business & Socity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Ethics in Business & Socity - Essay Example Unfortunately, analysis has indicated that individuals, as well as organisations and even states have begun to overlook the importance and most important, application of ethics in their different processes and procedures, and most importantly, this initiative is observable on global level that has resulted in huge amount of debates regarding role of ethics in different components of the societies. This paper is part of the same debate that will identify one of the ethical dilemmas in business, and will include efforts to discuss a non-religious ethical theory while endeavoring to understand such dilemma in light of the identified ethical theory. Likewise every field, business world practice its own range of ethics, and such rules of ethics facilitate individuals to make decisions during different situations and challenges. It is an observation that usually factors of self-profit, cultural discrimination, selfishness, etc exist when it comes to ethical dilemmas, and thus, it is very important that business organisations should make efforts to resolve ethical dilemmas before they transform into conflicts, and subsequently, global issues. In this regard, a huge number of organisations have been creating their own set of ethical standards to enable individuals in effective decision-making; however, unfortunately, ethical conflicts continue to exist and ethical guidelines have now become a part of company records rather than a notion of practical implementation. In particular, experts believe that â€Å"business ethics is a set of principles and ideologies that offer understanding and methodology to earn fair income in the busi ness organisations† (Crane, pp. 23-28, 2007). Although a number of philosophers (Furrow, pp. 20-41, 2005) have argued over the fact of encouraging morality and fairness in the business field, however, as the societies developed, the humans on public level began to accept their consciousness about the importance of morality

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